TV Movie channels - Effects of entertainment on society

The Effects of Entertainment on Society – Negative Influences of Media

WARNING: The following makes me stark raving mad… Oops, sorry. Pardon the attitude, but I hate it when people or organizations abuse others by promoting their negative agendas. And by negative I mean anything that can potentially produce unfavorable, repugnant and dangerous habits/attitudes, over time. The solution? We must develop…

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old projector - you are being watched

You Are Being Watched, Be a Good Example

As you go about your daily duties, you interact with various people. Whether on your job, in public, supermarket, in the church, you are being watched and your actions assessed by all.¬†Watched by strangers, colleagues, friends, bosses, neighbors – everyone is constantly assessing you.¬† Don’t be alarmed; this is normal…

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man helping another up a hill - mentor- be motivated from low-self-esteem

How to Get Rid of Low Self-Esteem and a Wrong Mindset

Having the right mindset or perspective is crucial to success and a healthy outlook on life. Its enemies, low self-esteem, and depression can result in unfulfillment and tons of unnecessary problems in life. Add procrastination to that and you have a winning recipe for a total breakdown, regret, and living…

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