Hey Friends,

My name is David. I was born in the UK but migrated to the beautiful island of Barbados, while I was quite young. I have a wonderful family comprising my lovely wife Pearl and three very talented, handsome young men.

My Passion

My greatest passion is giving, and I express this by contributing to the improvement and success of others in some way. This happens through simple offerings of my talents and sharing what I have learned from personal experiences.

Love for writing

I love writing inspirational thoughts down on my mobile phone or computer immensely. It is out of this passion that I desire to share and hopefully inspire you in some way,  to be the best you were created by God to be.

We must always strive to be better human beings.  Always progressing and aiming to better examples to our children,  neighbors and wherever we may be.  We must break the effects of the negative culture and concepts we see portrayed in the media and in our world at present.

These stories will challenge us all to be better.  By applying these simple life-lessons and principles to your life,  I guarantee that you will live the rest of your life enriched, free and a lot happier.  Your present and your future will be better for it.

We can be a positive influence in the world and leave a good legacy for others to follow.

Apologize to someone you have wronged in some way.  Tell someone you love them.  Be a blessing to someone!  You will feel better.  They will too.

Do it now!