The Effects of Entertainment on Society – Negative Influences of Media

(Last Updated On: November 15, 2018)

This topic has already shaped our present and will continue to define our future. We must be concerned about what we allow to influence us. What we watch and listen to can influence our mindset and affect how we function and impact others. We must try our best to protect those we love from casual influences. The effects of negative entertainment on society is evident but we must be responsible individuals who are governed by principles, values, and purpose. We can’t operate based on what others think is good for us. We have to be the leaders and defenders of our own household. We are responsible for the future our loved ones get to inherit.

Negative entertainment has desensitized sex, murder, violence and has second-guessed integrity, spiritual and moral values. They have seemingly robbed the next generation of much to stand on. However, the ability to pass on the baton of character, and courage is still within our power. It is never too late. We can still do our part to enrich the future outcome of those we have charge over. We can do this by taking action!

Good Relationships are Important Investments

Father and son - impact of entertainment on relationships

The relationship is the most powerful fruitful union on earth and always will be. If we zero in some more, marriage and the family. If we zoom out to see the result of the fruit of all this over time, our society and the world. Relationships define who we are as a society and are a common valuable investment we must strive to safeguard.

We build houses and institutions to protect and nurture our relationships. There, we teach established principles and values based on spiritual, ethical, learned lessons and education. This results in a culture that allows people and their way of life to be nourished and passed on to the ensuing generation in due time. This is the garden of human existence in a nutshell.

Therefore, we need to pay attention to what we allow to influence our relationships and society at large. Warped perceptions and models of relationships and “values” handed down to us, shouldn’t dictate or define us. We are responsible for our own standards in spite of what is being constantly shoved at us. We, with God’s help are the guardians of our own fate.

We Become What We Idolize or Allow to Influence Us

We Become What We Worship

It is no secret that people tend to pattern their lives after their influences. Have you ever read the biographies of great writers, actors, musicians, sports figures and just about every accomplished person? I am sure you would have seen many names mentioned as the reason for their inspiration. So, yes, our influences are powerful factors in our lives. 

We are the sum of all our influences and our decisions to date. We must choose our influences carefully if they’re to eventually bring about greatness in us. For too long, we have seen the effects of negative influences on people and the distasteful fruit it bears.

You may be saying, but isn’t there positive too?

Yes, there is. However, it is well-known that packaging the “good” with the “bad” doesn’t lessen the impact of the “bad.” That saying “one bad apple can spoil (influence) the (whole) ‘barrel” certainly applies here. As a matter of fact, the best way to communicate a negative is to package it with a lot of positive – especially, when there is a hidden agenda. I am sure lots of examples come to mind, so you get why the effects of entertainment on society is one of great concern.

The very things we seek to protect our investment in our relationships from are the very things that entertainment glorifies. No wonder, we struggle to raise our children, the hope of the future. Of course, nothing in this world is perfect, so we will have to deal with some of the things we disapprove of as they happen.

The Power of Influence, Greed and Persuasion

Now, isn’t it bad enough for negative influences in entertainment to bombard us? Sadly, that’s not the only challenge. These effects are designed to be long-lasting and are also crafted by

  • the art of persuasion
  • psychological analyses and research
  • great packaging inclusive of;
    • paraphernalia – for creating and sustaining a movement that will last beyond the event
    • video games – gain followers and sustain the brand
    • websites/social media – promote social interaction, influence trends, build numbers, create buzz, influence through shares and “likes”
    • corporate partnerships –  general advertising, promotion on cereal boxes etc.
    • billboards – general promotion and awareness
    • trailers/promos – build excitement and gain followers

All powerful tools that further reinforce the impact on our minds. Giving your “audience” more than they want is a great bargain and value for money but it can also be a vehicle that drives compromise and deception. Now we understand why so much goes into special effects and the packaging (marketing) of content.

What we allow to affect us depends on our belief system. It depends on our agreement and conformity to spiritual and moral stimuli, the guidance and teachings of authority figures and our common sense. However, an imbalance exists between societal standards and personal values when powerful people dictate what society needs – and with little thought about what others think. This is usually driven by two things;

  1. Profit:  – When a market is driven by profit alone, then compromise and poor values reign. Sadly, the byproduct is recklessness inherited by the society and ingrained in its culture.
  2. Agendas:  – When the primary focus is to promote agendas that glorify a set of selfish unpopular ideas, concepts, and lifestyles, the society again inherits the fruit

Understandably” from a marketing perspective, entertainment advertised for the whole family (or rated “G”), doesn’t sell anymore. That’s why most movies are rated at least PG-13 just to be taken seriously by the market. What a thing?

Sex, Entertainment, and Our Free Built-In 4D Special Effect

Why is casual sex and infidelity promoted so much on TV, games, Ads, music and in entertainment in general? The answer is simple… because it sells. It seems that we have become so motivated by sex, that it fuels our desire to buy into its lure. It’s also because the industry benefits from a free, available built-in 4-D special effect in us humans.

It leverages the natural passion, sensations of sexual arousal and imagination in humans. Who doesn’t want to be sexually aroused, right? Hence, they meet “market demands” and provide a solution. Supply and perceived demand. Their hidden motto probably reads like this;

Let’s satisfy some human needs (not humane) and cater to the fantasies of some at the expense of others. We will promote our own values whether they meet accepted decent criteria or not. We will set up our own boundaries. If you don’t like it, lump it.

The problem is that all humans are caught in that sexual net whether; 

  • they are of age
  • they want to
  • their faith/spiritual disposition, family’s or moral standards allow

Who gives the entertainment industry the right to try to determine our personal values? We may not allow them those rights in our physical homes and space but they sure have the freedom according to the constitution that allows them to do what they do. Let’s consider this though…

The things that we probably don’t do in our own homes, we allow them to do via the entertainment network. Think about that for a moment. Who has greater authority in your home?

Is the Entertainment Industry a Mirrior of the Soceity? Is it Driven by Market Research?

Are they solely responsible for what they dish out or do we have a part to play?

Are the negative influences of entertainment merely a reflection our society that the entertainiment industry is capitalizing on?

Are they responding to what the market wants by producing the message in the movies via market research? If they are, is it OK to meet those “needs” knowing that they may be glorifying/ adding to the problem? Shouldn’t they be offering solutions or are they mainly meeting market demands? The answers to these questions reveal the real motives and priority behind any industry. Unfortunately, it’s mainly about money and influence, not about impacting society.

The Effects of Negative Influences and Entertainment on Society, Namely our Youth


There is astronomical research data out there that shows that we are seeing the results of “our” loved ones acting out because of the negative influences presented by various entertainment sources. Namely, movies citing exposure to violence, illicit sex, misrepresentation of normalcy, and pushed from every corner. What makes this more frightening is when the environment at home is an abusive one. Then there is no escape for those troubled ones when they engage in this form of negative entertainment.

It is said that by the time an ordinary teenager is 18, they would have witnessed about 16,000 murders and 200,000 acts of violence on TV. That’s nothing to do with gaming in which the occurrences are even greater per time spent playing.

Now that’s serious if those reports are true. People negatively affected by media will certainly be more complicated to deal with. Our relationships and our society would have been affected, so what do we do?  How can we break these controls and re-focus our efforts on restoring good values in one another again? How can we break free of the negative influences and the agendas of the entertainment industry?


It is possible that we have been partly molded by what we have consumed over the years, yes, but don’t fear. Everything has affected us in one way or another and it’s not always bad. It has made us who we are today. In spite of the negatives, there were also some positives that kept us steadfast.

Some of those negatives taught us how to be strong and provided great opportunities for us to showcase our integrity and character… If we have paid any attention to life; then what we have learned should put us in a place to protect others from unnecessary harm.

Warning! These Steps Are Simple, but “Hard.” They Guarantee Results!

Gorilla being entertained - impact of entertainment on society and relationships

Below, is a guideline you can use to restructure your life and improve values and quality time in your relationships. Enhance it however you like. Once everyone is on board, the result of doing this can be phenomenal if you manage to pull it off.

Turn off the TV(s)

– if using it for approved family entertainment, fine- if using it to enhance a family meeting, fine

Turn off the computer

  • – if using it for work, fine
  • – if using for assignments, fine
  • – a little fun, fine

But don’t overdo.

Remove access and unsupervised exposure to negative entertainment from your underaged children

  • Yes, that includes removing devices or internet and cable access from bedrooms (unless you can properly monitor them)

Read positive books that promote love, forgiveness, sharing, general education, good values

Have regular family meetings and plan your own entertainment

Exercise and increase sporting activities

Spend quality time talking about the future and what is important to you

Play board games

Do this and watch your relationships improve and the quality of life become joyous and more meaningful. Life will also seem more like an eternity as time is redeemed and reallocated

Please share your views below in the comments.

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David is a musician and IT professional with a passion for writing. When he is not doing any of the above, he can be found watching funny videos and eating chocolates. Laughter (and chocolates) is the best medicine!

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5 Replies to “The Effects of Entertainment on Society – Negative Influences of Media”

  1. I have to agree that we live in a desensitized society where nothing seems to be off limits. Parents need to familiarize themselves with tools that decrease or eliminate the ability to view whatever their kids want.

    However, I do not think kids should be raised in a bubble. I still show my little nephew the old cartoons with bugs bunny smoking and being generally awesome! There is always a middle ground to reach, but it is hard to find that line.

    I write a lot about the necessity of identifying what it important to you as an individual so that money doesn’t outweigh people, as you say. If you can identify your WHY, you’ll be in a better position to develop the types of relationships that you seek.

    1. Hi Ernest! I appreciate your response. We try our best to shield our children as much as possible and of course we can’t protect them from everything. They will have to use their own discretion and lean on the values we impart. However, I believe we have to protect them as much as sensibly possible, especially with the kinds of deplorable agendas that target our children. 

      I sent two of my children to private school and even though they were in a more docile environment than the public system, they have matured into well-rounded strong young men with extremely good values and impeccable character. 

      Thanks for your comments. All the best!

  2. Hi David!

    Very nice and important topic.

    Having said, the relationship is actually everywhere around us. We are involved in all kinds of relationships. Cultural, sportive, musical, political, religious, institutional etc.

    We relate to everybody and everywhere. We relate to nature, universe, neighbors, micro and macro world, animals.

    We relate in schools, at the sports club, in the movie, at home, in the theater …you name it.

    Hope the relationship will get better worldwide.

    The relationship is basic to many things.

    Wish You and your family, along with your environment all the best and best relationship you may have.


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