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dog sleeping on bed owner on floor . Betterhumanbeings.com
Why Dogs Get More Love & Respect
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Making Love Last a Lifetime
ste goals post-it - Setting goals effectively
How to Set Goals and Achieve Them
TV Movie channels - Effects of entertainment on society
The Effects of Entertainment on Society

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I had no idea of how powerful and true the message behind it would be... after I got done reading this post I stopped to look at the author. You are a wise and talented person. Great job. It was inspirational.
As an educator... all your advice is on point. Everyone should read this to get a true grasp of how to use these common sense solutions. This should be taught in school so our youth can grasp these concepts at an early age...
Yvette clayton
Yvette Clayton
I like how you put it...“Learning from the mistakes of others can save us a lifetime of waste and reinventing the wheel.” Why start all over again when we have the tools right at our fingertips with which to work?
Sharon Branch
Sharon Branch

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