You Are Being Watched, Be a Good Example

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(Last Updated On: February 6, 2019)

As you go about your daily duties, you interact with various people. Whether on your job, in public, supermarket, in the church, you are being watched and your actions assessed by all. Watched by strangers, colleagues, friends, bosses, neighbors – everyone is constantly assessing you.  Don’t be alarmed; this is normal human behavior. You are built to analyze a personality type quite quickly and determine whether you are attracted to it, or want to run as far away as possible.

You subconciously use this process to choose your friends, and often times, those you do business with.

We all prefer to be around people who add value to our lives and are easy to get along with. On the other hand, we make every effort to avoid them who drain us mentally.

Lights, Camera, Action!  Scene 1- You Are Being Recorded

clapper board - You are being watched

A popular introduction to a television series began with the words “You are being watched.” It referred to a computer network with a ‘mind’ of its own which was owned by the government and watched its citizens’ every move. This wasn’t done necessarily for the sake of spying, but to prevent crime by alerting the relevant authorities before it happened. Cool, isn’t it? 

What if we could save ourselves loads of stress by being observant and stepping into the future as we interact with others. Especially while pursuing long-term relationships.

Some of the things people automatically look for include,

  • your general attitude
  • communication skills
  • your worldview
  • integrity
  • mannerisms
  • personal hygiene
  • how you relate to others
  • your goals

For business people, this assessment is more streamlined. During job interviews, potential bosses or team-leaders assess you by means of conversation, your background, testimonies of your character and your experience, whether you would be a good fit for their team etc. The key factor in all of this is how you present yourself in accordance with the bulleted list above.

Ordinarily, this assessment or ‘opinion’ of you happens involuntarily, i.e. whether they want to. Can it be more formal as in the business approach above? Sure it can, but for casual interaction, this is generally more instinctive than structured. It is not to be confused with outright discrimination. 

This is a built-in mechanism in humans which helps to determine whether to like or dislike, befriend or despise, be associated with or avoid. It is how we make choices and how we choose is governed by employing tools such as wisdom, knowledge, experience and our personal preferences and values. It is our right to assess one another, albeit with some fairness, patience and not prejudice.

This is necessary, as we human beings are seeking to determine who will be given access to our sacred,  inner space. It’s with these criteria that we choose our friends and social circles. Likewise, others will use it to determine whether they want to be around us as well. No one wants to be around anyone who is unproductive, narrow-minded, immature and who will make them miserable and unhappy.

We Must Judge Ourselves First – Let’s Edit!

film edit

Since you are being watched, you will have to be mindful of the image you are projecting on the world stage. This image will either prevent or attract potential relationships of any kind.

Having said that, you may be asking: “Is my best behavior my real self? –  Am I being deceptive when I am on my best behavior?”

Interesting questions, but I believe we should all desire to mature and develop into better human beings as a way of life. Always in a state of personal growth and advancement. That is a reasonable requirement that must be aimed for by all.

We have a responsibility to ourselves and to others to function at our best and therefore present our best self at all times. I know it’s not always easy but we must strive for it. This is our aim and ultimate standard as better human beings.

What we must be careful not to do is to project an anamorphic image of ourselves, ( a method of intentionally distorting and creating a widescreen image with standard film).  An image that is wider than our origin, then to be found lacking subsequently. Unfortunately, this is the reason for many broken relationships and separation – personal, work-related or otherwise.

Let’s Examine Ourselves

Let’s adjust our lenses and pursue an immediate change in the areas we are lacking in character. Let us be a sparkle of light shining brighter and brighter. Let us have a positive influence on others as our new and improved image shines for all to see. You are being watched! Be a good example for others not only to admire, but to emulate.

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4 Replies to “You Are Being Watched, Be a Good Example”

  1. We have to dress for success in everything we do. We must be careful what we say to others and be mindful of how we influence others by how we act.

  2. I like what you say, but I also feel that sometimes we shouldn’t care if BIG BROTHER is watching us, if we worry all the time about what other think about what we do , we would never do anything at all, so yes be mindful of those around you , but remember to sometimes just ” let it go, let it go “

    1. Thanks for your comments Kevin.

      The article is really about taking responsibility for our behavior when interacting with others. Then taking steps to improve ourselves where we are lacking in good character.
      In this context, we must be in a constant state of self improvement.


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