How to Get Rid of Low Self-Esteem and Wrong Mindsets

(Last Updated On: May 25, 2018)

Having the right mindset or perspective is crucial to success and a healthy outlook on life. Low self-esteem and the wrong mindset can determine failure and unfulfillment.  Add procrastination to that and you have the winning recipe for a total breakdown, regret and living in a rut.  Are you underachieving, while the world has gone ahead and left you behind?  If that’s the case then you need to be accountable to someone.


Get Counseling. Find a Mentor

  • You want to live the rest of your life positively, for you and your loved ones
  • You need it because your mindset and decision-making process have brought you to this state.
  • Without help, you are prone to repeat the same mistakes over and over again

It is easier said than done, but one must make a conscious effort to overcome. Learn to forgive and love yourself in the process, because if you don’t, you will treat others the way you presently treat yourself.


Accept Who You Are; You Are Important!

We are all created uniquely as distinct human beings.  We are not clones of anyone else.  We are important and that’s simply the reason we are alive. Life is a gift that has been entrusted to us for a time, so seek to add value to other human beings. Be you!  Our task is simply to be renewed and be transformed daily so that we can be our best selves and impact the world in a positive way.  Our lives matter to a lot more people than you can imagine.  By becoming a better version of you, you are adding value to yourself and others at the same time.


Do Not Compare Yourself to Others…Use Their Success as Inspiration

Another thing is not to judge yourself based on other people’s success in any way.  Success is not necessarily determined by material wealth, academic background or status, but by the working out and fulfillment of purpose.  Once you know your purpose and reason for living, you should seek to increase your worth in that area through education, in whatever form.

  • What is your purpose in life?
  • Are you fulfilling it?
  • Have you prepared for it academically or otherwise?
  • Are you willing to share this value with others?
Volunteer to help someone or an organization. Use that time of giving to discover joy, discover your passions and inner strengths. This will improve your outlook and build your self-worth. Click To Tweet

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Set Goals, Achieve and Celebrate

Set short and long-term goals! Be realistic, practical and pursue them with all the vigor and energy that you can muster.  Think of your future self already in the accomplishment.  Let that be your motivation.   Meditate on this every day and work hard to realize your goals. No one will do it for you. When you have accomplished some goal, celebrate yourself. It is better to be five years older having obtained your achievement than to be five years older without it.


Take Control Now, Your Destiny Is Still in Motion


Stand in the mirror.  Love the person you see. By faith believe that everything that has happened to you has happened for a reason. That all of your life’s events have shaped your character, to better prepare you for now. Learn from your failures.This will be a big part of your comfort going forward. Embrace it and walk with that authority and confidence.

Your personal storms may also be affecting others. There may be others awaiting your storm to cease so that they can benefit from a reformed you.
Yes…that’s a fact. That should be one of your greatest motivators.  Your victory may be a victory for them as well.

Be encouraged!  Beating yourself up will not make you stronger. It will only delay your progress.
Get cracking. Do it now!

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8 Replies to “How to Get Rid of Low Self-Esteem and Wrong Mindsets”

  1. As someone who suffered from low self-esteem up until age 15-16, I can truly appreciate this article. It’s important to make goals and find a mentor and/or counselor. And when I say goals, it’s important to make “baby step” goals. By this I mean you don’t want to set your goal to be 100% confident in yourself overnight, but rather make smaller improvements, such as learning to complement yourself here and there. Thanks so much for posting this article!

  2. To change ones mind can be a challenge but it is necessary to get forward in life. I like that you said that we should accept who we are and renew and transform ourselves daily.

    It is a task to not look at the next person and compare yourself to them. Its really not fair to ourselves but I think as humans we do it by default. So keeping in mind not to do this is the key.

    To get rid of low self esteem has to be a willing act of the individual. I struggle at times with low self esteem and have to talk my self out of this low place. It is a challenge but I’m a witness it doesn’t have to ruin you.

    1. Hey Jamie! It’s never easy. Like you said it’s a challenge, but it’s worth trying and making the sacrifice. You are important and unique, so no need to compare yourself to anyone. Build yourself up by speaking life and encouraging yourself. Walk in your own purpose.



  3. Hey there! I work in an office and most of the times I’m just by myself because I’m too shy to talk with my office mates. Sometimes we do presentations in our office and I always stutter because I’m not used to it. I have low self esteem and I want to get rid of it. Luckily, I read your article. I found your article very informative and helpful. I hope that I get confidence now and make my self esteem higher. Thank you for sharing this information.

    1. You are very welcome, John. You just have to believe in yourself. You are unique and have a purpose on this earth. That’s why you were born. You are not here by accident. You are more important than you know. Change your mindset with God’s help.
      All the best and more.

  4. Thanks for this helpful article! I love the sentiment about not comparing yourself to others. For one thing everybody’s different, and everybody has different goals.
    Plus, somebody who looks happy or successful (or whatever it is you might envy) on the outside may not truly be any of those things in reality. I think you just have to love yourself and look for what makes you happy, not what somebody else tells you should make you happy.

    Why do you think humans are so pre-wired to compare themselves to others?

    1. Thanks Will for visiting and taking the time to read and comment. You are quite right. We should be maximizing and using our own gifts and abilities to serve others.

      All the best to you.


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