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(Last Updated On: August 12, 2019)

We all work for money and exchange it for goods and services such as utilities, food, housing and all the essential things we need to survive. How much money we make determines our lifestyle and our financial authority during our lifetime. Time is life, and we spend life working for money to satisfy our needs and wants…so I know that success has to be pretty important to you. Unfortunately, some of us don’t reach our full potential and we live below the mark. But with some common-sense solutions, we can redeem the time by:

  • learning from past mistakes
  • making good decisions
  • being accountable to others
  • spending our time wisely
  • leveraging –
    • knowledge/experience
    • opportunity
    • education – traditional or nontraditional

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Determined to Succeed

We all have wants. How we pace ourselves in our pursuit of these wants determines our prudence. How we juggle them against our needs, determine whether we become financially stable, or wealthy and how long it takes us to get there.

How we leverage time, opportunity and knowledge, is also an indication of where we will find ourselves financially in the future.

Since our habits result in our present and eventual outcome, we must immediately seek to audit our habits and follow good principles that will guarantee a successful life.

There is hope. We can live our best life yet!

Breaking Bad Financial Habits – I Can’t Afford to Be Poor

All of us have some sort of bad habit.  In order to break these unwanted and regressive habits, we must have a plan. Any bad habit is undesirable but what we can’t afford are bad financial habits. These will affect every area of our lives and crush any possibility for successful living. Failure in this will also affect other areas in our lives. I don’t even have to list those here. Let’s try this important exercise below.

bad debt

3 Ways to Break Bad Financial Habits

# 1 – Stop and examine what is causing you to engage in these bad habits

  • Identify the root cause(s) e.g.
    • You don’t budget because you believe you don’t have enough
    • You believe that it is too late to change old bad habits
    • You live beyond your means (usually a big one)

# 2 – Write down the plan you will use to overcome your challenges

  • Discuss and create the plan with a suitably trained friend or financial counselor
  • Set short-term goals within a long-term plan for financial success and otherwise
  • Execute the plan
  • Be accountable to the friend above (counselor) about your finances from here on

# 3 – Celebrate each successful fulfillment of the plan (goals)

  • Revise and tweak the plan

Surround Yourself with People Who Inspire You

Now let’s look at “time” again and how it plays an immense factor in our success. How we use time and who we spend it with is key to implementing and sustaining all that we did before in the exercise. Look for people that inspire you and by that, I am not saying to look down on others or not associate at all. Rather, strive to connect more with those who encourage good lifestyle habits.

Set the boundaries concerning what you do and how much time you spend with others (remember – time is life; spending time = spending life). Sometimes “others” can be anyone…

Trading Time for Money — Time Is Life

We trade our time every day for money and that’s why our time is so important. In the marketplace, there is a “money for your life” exchange going on. Our time equals money and money is what we trade our lives for. Things we do when we are not trying to make money is;

  • Rest, relax
  • Spend time with family and friends, church, etc.
  • Reinvest that time into education/training to increase our value

Time is life; Time is priceless; Time is important!

The list will vary according to who we are but essentially, our time is our greatest “commodity.” It is our greatest “asset” and can also be our greatest “liability.” We must use it responsibly and to the best of our ability.

So when I tell you I am busy, please understand that I mean no offense. I am spending some of my life-currency somewhere else at present.  When we spend time with people or activities, we are literally spending our lives (using up and giving away value). Use your time wisely. Time is life Click To Tweet


My Decisions and Actions Create My Reality

Then we have the reality of it all, our current situation: power and worth. Our present reality is the cumulative sum of our thoughts, and the decisions we have made in life so far. These thoughts and decisions have determined our present. Bliss for some, struggle for others.

If we truly believe this, our greatest desire will be to ensure that every decision we make from now on, is the best one.

You may now be wondering why I have used the word “determine” so often in this post. 

The word “determine(there he goes again) means to settle, to decide or come to a resolution. Which then calls to mind another word, “accountability” or personal responsibility. When we combine all that with the fact that we are the ones who make the decisions in and for our lives (including our loved ones), we should pay serious attention to the potential we have to change the present and the future.

Personal Responsibility and Accountability – The Road to Success

Since we are the ones who make decisions concerning our lives, we must take full responsibility for them. We cannot blame anyone for any bad situation caused by our own decisions.

In order to succeed, we must have a clear plan and stick to it. It’s a shame that this is not systematically taught in schools. By the time some of us come to our senses, half of our lives would have already been spent, but don’t give up just yet. There’s hope as long as you are alive.

Do you know that all of us have had the same clean slate at birth? Yes, we may have come from different backgrounds, had some hardships and less learning aptitude – however, that is no excuse. There are many who have overcome great odds to be successful, and we can too. In some cases, we have had more of an opportunity than many. I am not coming down on anyone but that’s a fact.


Our mindset is responsible for our current situation in life. I am assuming that we all embrace change for the better. If you do, let’s change our stinking mindset. It betrays us and robs us of extraordinary living. Why not spend the rest of your life making the most of it and being the best that you can be. We must guard our minds; what we think, we become.

Proverbs 4:22-24  For they are life to those who find them And health to all their body. Watch over your heart with all diligence, For from it flow the springs of life. Put away from you a deceitful mouth And put devious speech far from you…

Choosing Between a Victim or Creator Mindset. I Am What I Believe

If we believe that chance or bad luck is responsible for our lives, then that is multiplied by the number of possibilities of failure that exists. Why add that extra mess to our lives? There is more than enough negative in our lives… Click To Tweet

Let’s look at the following question and its answer:
Is everything just too expensive or is it that I have not prepared for the worst?
Ans. We probably can’t afford something because we did not properly prepare or position ourselves to be able to.

Do you agree with this answer? The thing is, whether we agree, this statement is essentially true.

We have no control over the economic climate and high prices for everything under the sun such as;

  • Education — (multiply by the number of children in the household)
  • Real Estate
  • Funerals — (yes, a costly expense for families)
  • Car expenses — (multiply by the number of vehicles in the household)

We cannot change or control any economy, therefore, our proper and only course of action is to manage ourselves, strategize and find a way to get on top of the economic climate.  We do this by careful analysis of our reality and the actions needed to transform our situation.

Some actions can be;

  • Seek jobs high in demand
  • Increase worth by acquiring new skills and education/training
  • Decrease expenditure significantly – yes, it’s possible
  • Increase income by creating other streams of income
  • Sell skills — no more freebies 🙂 use discretion here
  • Proper investing, not just saving but actually putting money to work
  • Staying away from debt — the # 1 advice always – No debt apart from mortgage or good debt (mostly).

We cannot simply remain victims of chance or pray for miracles without acting.

We must be steadfast in our determination to succeed by first of all having a plan, a vision and acting on it daily. We must study and make adjustments to the plan, in order to stay on course in any climate.


Since we humans are prone to habit whether good or bad, we must ensure that we are in charge of every moment. Staying the course and making good decisions is more than just wishful thinking. It’s knowing that our decisions will define our success or failure.

Trees don’t grow overnight and so, success is a concept that must be nurtured along the way. Let’s turn around from the path of failure and use the following recommendations to achieve a new and determined life. We must change bad habits and employ best practices

  • We must make good choices
  • We must seek mentoring and be accountable to someone who has already succeeded and willing to share their advice

Please share your comments with us. We really want to hear from you.

Here is a brilliant and more in-depth article on this topic: It’s called “Unsuccessful People Focus On ‘The Gap.’ Here’s What Successful People Focus On.

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26 Replies to “Common Sense Solutions -Tips for Successful Living”

  1. I like your summary at the end. I write about similar topics, but I haven’t addressed money habits. Also, your titles are relevant to each section, which means I can scan for relevant info and go in on the things that really interest me. As for the planning stage, do you recommend a template for planning a budget? Thanks for adding this post!

  2. I really enjoyed reading your article. As an educator, I teach the importance of writing goals. For me, it is the best way to get where we’re going in life. Being financially free is definitely included in that equation.

    All your advice is on point. Everyone should read this to get a true grasp of how to use these common sense solutions. I actually feel this should be taught in school so our youth can grasp these concepts at an early age to truly understand what it means to be financially responsible.

    I look forward to reading your next article. What topics are you planning on writing about in the near future?

    Great job! This information is needed, so thank you very much for sharing. Keep up the good work.

    All the best,

    1. Yvette, thanks for your kind words. I am glad that you have found this advice helpful. Let’s hope that the message will be embraced and practiced by many. 

      There is so much good info out there as well. I hope you have signed up to our mailing list so you can get our next post as soon as it is published.

      My next topic will be a follow-up post. I’m hoping to go a little granular by expanding on  getting the practical knowledge in schools, approach, among others. I  will be promoting some simple fun software and apps that can help.

      Thanks again for your contribution to this post.

      All the best and more.


  3. Thank you for your article. I found it very eye opening.
    Sometimes we get carried away with useless things to spend our time on and unwanted things we spend our hard earned money on.
    While reading your article, it was a well needed slap on the face for me. I have been drifting away from the important things in life. I guess you can say, I have gotten lazy.
    I think everyone needs that slap to wake up. People seem to drift away from the important things. Mainly with social media, how much of our time is wasted on that stuff? Time we can’t get back.
    Thank you again for your article.

    1. Thanks Brenda!

      Your comments are valuable to us. I appreciate your honesty here. It happens to all of us at some point or another. A little “slap” can turn us around Brenda.

      Please feel free to keep in touch.

      God bless!


  4. Thank you for writing in a way that is calling people to take a look at their lives. You essentially mentioned that we are the sum of our decisions. Everything we have done has led us to where we are currently.

    You are right that with limited time, it is best to maximize our worth. It may seem a little shallow related to money, but the market dictates how much we are worth in business. People get mad that Aaron Rodgers makes 25 mil a year, but that is what the economics of his situation says he is worth.

    1. Thank you, Ernest! I appreciate your comments. I am rooting for your success in all of your endeavors. We can make decisions that will determine a fresh, new and bright future.
      Let’s make it happen!

      All the best and more!

  5. Your article is a great reminder for us to make better decisions financially. I’ve learned a lot of hard lessons along the way, lessons that were never taught in school– like how painful credit card debt can be, and the real lifetime costs of student loan debt as well. At this point, I’m piled high in lots of debt but am working to overcome it. I’m now working 3 different jobs and incorporating as many streams of extra revenue as possible. Thank you for sharing your advice!

    1. Hi Ciara! Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment. Oh yes!! If they’d only taught us in school… I know you will conquer this. You are on the right path. Just be mindful to get some rest in there somehow. All the best and bountiful success to you!!

  6. I clicked on this post at first because your picture there caught my eye. Needless to say, I had no idea of how powerful and true the message behind it would be.
    You really did make me stop and consider my bad habits and with determination and identification, I could start on a path to changing these and in the end be more beneficial to myself and my money.
    One final note after I got done reading this post with awe I stopped to look at the author. I shouldn’t have been surprised it was you. You are a wise and talented person. Great job and I thank you for this post. It was inspirational.

    1. Hi Melissa! I am really happy that you got something from this post. I truly hope that you will walk in determination and success. Today is a new day.

      Thanks for your kind words. Much appreciated.



  7. I can’t agree more with the time is life analogy.  How you spend your time is how you spend your life.  I can’t think of it any other way.

    My biggest problem is procrastination and watching TV or staring at the computer screen vs getting something done and moving on with actually living.  This one issue alone hits most of your bullet points: Learning from past mistakes, Making good decisions, Spending our time wisely
    and Leveraging best-practices.  It’s something I work on constantly.

    I’m continuously evaluating the time I trade off for work, travel, shopping, eating, sleeping and so on vs other things that I actually want to do.  It can be a tricky path to navigate and address what needs to be done along with what I want to get done.

    Thanks for the great post!

    1. Hi Scott!
      I feel you there. Distractions and procrastination go hand in hand. I have found that converting the time spent watching TV to actually doing something productive, is quite rewarding. I love a good TV show, but at the end of the day, those actors have already “made it.” Why should I allow them to dictate my time, my life, my future? It’s a mindset.
      Distractions rob us of time, hence our lives. We can speak to ourselves in a loud voice and say stop. In the end, we feel better about ourselves and it gets easier.
      If we want success badly enough, we have to make sacrifices. It’s all about setting goals, and working bit by bit to achieve them.
      For a while, I have been listing what not to do instead of a to-do-list. It works 🙂

      I wish you great success, Scott.


  8. I was about to leave your site when I noticed this article. It’s full of useful information. I learned from a young age that if you ‘fail to plan, you plan to fail’., and yet I still failed to plan. Now I’ve reached my early sixties and I’ve finally decided to set myself goals and draw up a plan for my life. Both for financial and personal reasons. Thanks again for your enlightening blog. I will definitely be checking out my purpose in life.  Jim

    1. Hi there Jim!
      This proves that those sidebars work :-). Thanks for your kind words. I hope you will continue to find some useful info on my site that can benefit you going forward.

      We all make mistakes but it’s never too late to change or adjust our stance in life, Jim. I am glad that you have set some goals and made a plan for the future.

      Please keep in touch.
      Bountiful blessings to you and ours.

  9. What a great picture at the start of the website! Sometimes we forget to take the distance from ourselves to make the necessary changes. Although we repeat mistakes, sometimes we need to remember that unless we reflect on the experience we will be required to repeat them. As I said previously a picture can sometimes be worth a thousand words.

    1. Hi Fraser.
      Thanks for commenting and taking the time to read a few posts here.

      Very well said. We do need to take a step back and have a new perspective. Sometimes, even ask someone on the outside to examine us and report. For everything we do in life, it will result either in progress or setback. We need to analyze, take stock, refine, perfect or discard change and move on. Time is short and purpose is great. A quote from a friend of mine.

      Thanks again for sharing, Fraser.


  10. Your article is very well written and organised and I’m in total agreement with what your saying.

    Bad habits can be changed but it will not happen over night and the points you raise are perfect to break these habits but only when an individual wants to help themselves. 

    At the end of the day the only person who can help you is yourself. The best investment you can make is in yourself and your excellent points will go along way to put a person on the correct road.

    1. Hi Darren!
      Thanks for your kind words.
      You have made an important point that we often forget about; i.e. habits can only be broken if the individual wants that to happen. Thanks for taking the time to share.

      Wishing you much success in all your endeavors.

  11. Nice and encouraging post!! Breaking free from bad habits can be a very tasking endeavor especially when it affects you financially. i also agree with you when you encourage people with bad habits to Stop and examine what’s causing those habits because thats the only way to move forward in life in order to get things done and start living successfully 

    Thanks so much for sharing really appreciate it!!

    1. Hi Kemdi!
      Thanks for taking the time to read and to share. You have made some excellent points here. Self-analysis is like a confession – once a person recognizes and acknowledges where they have gone wrong, then the steps to healing are easy. You are correct; it’s the only way to move forward.

      All the best and much success to you!

  12. I myself have been guilty of living beyond my means and I am currently in the middle of managing it and getting it all together and it can be quite tough some times. Once you get into that habit of living beyond your means it is truly a hard thing to change. But with anything if you set yourself in the right mindset to begin with than you have a much higher chance of succeeding. Love that article, looking forward to reading more in the future!

    1. Hi Huy!
      I totally understand. We all have our struggles, but the important thing is to learn from our mistakes. We must set a course of action for a better future. Our mindset should be one of determination to overcome – and to do that, we must grit our teeth and grab our future with both hands. But remember, what we do in the present will determine the future we will have. “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” Chinese proverb

      I would like to hear how you are progressing in the near future.

      Thanks for sharing & much success!

  13. Love these ideas! I especially love the suggestion of auditing habits. I think that most people don’t really stop and consider just how their habits might be impacting their life overall. For some people, it just does not seem that sense is that common. 

    There are some who don’t even want to take responsibility for their decisions and actions. They seem to have the idea in their head that someone else is responsible for the outcomes in their life. Some people can’t even see that it’s their own decisions and actions that are most likely responsible for where they are in life.   

    These are really common sense solutions and great tips that can help anyone make a difference in their life. Clearly it’s often the simple things that can make a huge difference. 

    1. Hi Vanessa!
      You are right… You have hit the nail on the head. Habits define us and if we learn what doesn’t work and what negatively impacts others, we could be more productive – for ourselves and others and saving much time in the process.

      Embracing personal responsibility is key to maturing and being fully equipped to go to the next level in our lives. We are the sum total of our decisions and we can’t run from that.

      Thanks for adding value here.
      Much success to you and yours!

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