A Purpose Filled Life

(Last Updated On: April 3, 2018)

There are 24 hours in a day and even though we cannot control time, in a way it is renewable. What a blessing. Each day brings a new gift of time and opportunity. Having learned from “yesterday,” we are uniquely positioned for success and presented with another viewpoint and brand-new methods to increase our value in the earth. Nevertheless, we can only get so many days, so let’s begin again today with a positive mindset, moving forward, and building on “yesterday!” A  purpose-filled life requires that we live on purpose setting goals and being fruitful in all of our endeavors.

What’s in our day?

  • Sleep: 7 to 8 hours (very necessary for good health and alertness)
  • Prepare for work: 1 hour or more
  • Commute to work/school: 1 hour or more
  • Actual work: 8 hours, usually
  • Commute from work/school: 1 hour or more
  • Prepare dinner: 1 hour
  • Eat, Relax, Homework: 3 hours

A fair assessment of the above is that essentially, we go home to sleep and repeat the cycle daily.

man overwhelmed by deadlines- purposed-filled-life

We Cannot Manage Time, Only Ourselves

Success and fulfillment in our lives depend solely on how we manage ourselves, we cannot manage time. That means that our part in our many activities and responsibilities (purpose in life), i.e. our goals, profession/job,  family, church, hobbies, all need to be knitted together, in order for us to feel a sense of walking in purpose and overall satisfaction. Understanding this is key to living out our purpose everywhere and at all times.

How Do I Know What My Purpose Is?

You may be asking yourself “how do I know that I am living out my purpose?” Well, it works itself out once we pay attention to and observe ourselves over time. It really is not that complicated. In addition to who and what you are now in life, a call to untapped purpose and our potential can be those things we think about most but are yet to act on. Act on them and possibly discover or expand your life's purpose. Click To Tweet This is where you get to be you, to be on top of your destiny and utilize your unique God-given gift and potential mastery in these areas.

You Are Already Walking in Purpose

Get rid of the concept of searching for purpose or you may spend your whole life searching. Just be, just do!  Build on who you currently are. You may have to make some adjustments or even a major change, but that doesn’t necessarily change your purpose. Your purpose is defined by your God-given abilities, aptitude and your attitude towards yielding to the call to fulfill it. Where you live out this purpose is everywhere He has placed you.

You are already serving others in various capacities and a gift to many. You are a mother, father, a professional, a church leader a caregiver etc… You know your strengths, abilities and your talents. Use them at home, at work, and at play and build on them as you continue to improve yourself. The question is…are you happy doing all of the above? That’s where you begin to prune.

The more you improve yourself, the more influence you will have on your circle of family, friends, associates and the world at large.  Therefore, you will be maximizing your purpose as well.

As you go about your daily duties, you will automatically be living out your God-given purpose and positively impacting your community.

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Live Your Purpose in Every Moment!

Do we focus on the few hours outside of work we call ours or do we truly live in every moment?Understand that;

  • Our time is more than a lunch hour and the time we spend away from work
  • All 24 hours belong to us
  • To fully live purpose, we must be aware that who we are in every moment, counts
  • Knowing our purpose improves how we relate to others
  • We are not in competition with anyone
  • The sum of our experiences have all together shaped us and prepared us for right now

Live A Purpose-Filled Life Every Day

We can make a difference by being productive at all times, it is there that our purpose is executed and every hour becomes meaningful.  Walking in purpose is not a destination but a daily walk; a journey.  All 24 hours are ours (pun intended), whether at work, play, study or volunteering our time somewhere.  A good attitude will take control of every hour and use it to one’s advantage. That is how we “manage” time.

set goals notepad-man overwhelmed by deadlines- purposed-filled-life

We can we convert our daily schedule into maximum productivity and fulfill our purpose in all that we do.

  1. Set goals for work and for yourself as an individual
  2. Execute your daily goals with a good attitude; Sometimes work and personal goals will interlock
  3. Be your best self at all times

The list can go on, but you get the gist.  You will accomplish much and in the end, feel a sense of fulfillment. Tell us later how your life has improved.

Please comment on your day in the box below.  Thanks!

Time Is Short & Purpose Is Great

Do it now!

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4 Replies to “A Purpose Filled Life”

  1. Hello David,

    Your article has made me think of my life, my purpose and time. I agree with you that time in our material existence is limited and we as a human species can do only so much. The question I have is where you mentioned about observing ourselves. Can we self-observe? Can we consider inwardly? Is there a meaning to purpose in this consciousness? If time did not exist, then I certainly agree that we can do anything that we will ourselves and establish all our goals. Every single day I wake up and always think positively; avoiding the negative influences. I do this for myself as well as for my friends, family and others. I believe that being positive and compassionate is where we should be and to connect back to nature. I just, in my opinion, do not think that we can establish self-observation and to remember ourselves. However, we can transform ourselves in order to achieve our true purpose in order to live a normal being existence.

    Best Regards,

    1. Thanks for taking the time to read and share Sam. Very much appreciated.

      “Observing ourselves” in this context is just taking stock of our lives, our passions and the things that make us who we are. That’s it. 

      Please feel free to come by anytime.

      Thanks again!


  2. You are so right! We can’t manage time as much as we try. Managing ourselves is the key. We are definitely living out our god given purpose regardless to our positions we may hold in life. We can only have more influence and maximize our time by improving ourselves. This post was inspiring to keep moving forward. Thank you!

    1. Thanks very much for reading and sharing Jamie. I believe you have captured it well. Walk in purpose and fulfill your destiny in the earth.


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