Changing Your Mindset for Success

(Last Updated On: August 30, 2018)

All of us want to succeed but not all of us are willing to do what is required. Sometimes we are on the right track but then we give in to distractions… If this is your situation, then maybe you haven’t yet changed your mindset for success. You may be trying to succeed on your own terms. man cutting wrong side of branchSuccess is hard work but there is a shorter path you can follow. Isn’t the shortest path between two points a straight line? You can leverage this principle by learning from the mistakes of others, having a clear vision and plan, and by not giving up. You must have a winning attitude and be determined to succeed. Go for it.


Who would you rather follow if undertaking an exercise program? No offense to anyone, but would you go to a plump gym instructor or someone who is ripped like Lebron James? Although they may both be equally qualified to teach, I am pretty sure that you would lean (no pun intended) toward the ripped one, and understandably so, because the ripped one is demonstrating by their own appearance (sacrifice) that what they teach, works. Certainly, this will be more aligned with your aspirations.

Ripped man

We all need tons of inspiration because our goals take hard work and hard work is the #1 reason why people give up. We don’t want to be reminded of any possibility of failure before we even start.

This visual of blaring 6-pack Abs and muscle everywhere constantly reminds us that success is possible. It stamps the intended destination in our minds i.e. the possibility we could look like our trainer (or role model). It also creates the inspiration we need for success.

Visuals are evidence, and evidence fuels our goals. They inspire the faith and hard work necessary for us to press toward the mark – our vision. However, please don’t rule out learning from these two methods below.

# 1. – Learning from the knowledgeable (and possibly experienced)

But… can’t we learn from those who mean well but are no longer in their element? Honestly, yes; but is it good for motivation? It depends. If someone like Arnold Schwarzenegger who has a history of winning Mr. Universe titles is our trainer, we wouldn’t be too concerned about how he looked now, would we? After all, his entire life is the result of his glory days as a successful bodybuilder, isn’t it?

So, yes, there is much that can be gained from the knowledge and experience of the “plump” one (even if it is to do the opposite of what they are doing, right?) Seriously, as long as they have tasted the fruit of success, we would allow this exception to the rule. (See link below of inspirational video)

# 2. – Learning from the mistakes of others (Yes, I mentioned it before, but this is key)

We can also learn from the mistakes of others. As a matter of fact, this can be also a great motivating factor. Learning from the mistakes of others can save us a lifetime of waste and reinventing the wheel. Mistakes can help by exposing the paths that do not work and therefore, reveal what to avoid. This will keep us focused and allow us to build on the best-practices others have listed for our benefit. Learning saves loads of time!

Check out one of my favorite quotes:

“You must learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t possibly live long enough to make all of them yourself.” Sam Levenson

 There is no success without sacrifice -

No Success Without Sacrifice

I am sure you already know that success comes with a price. Everyone would be successful if this were not so and I would be wasting your time writing this article.

I encourage you to model the success of successful people (or those who are on their way to success) – but more importantly – model the vision, goals, strategies and the hard work of their success plan

Fat man sitting on couch -

Success Comes in all Shapes and Sizes

It doesn’t matter how that success is packaged. Whether child or adult, big or small, formally educated or not. As long as they have tangible evidence of success, they have something of value to share. This is why we are inspired by mentors irrespective of class, creed, age, nationality, race, culture, ethnicity or skin color. Once it’s a success story, we can learn something from it.

Building on the Success of Others — Learning By Example

Are you going to listen to someone who sits on their butt all day barking orders or do you prefer to be motivated by example? You are more likely to follow after someone who leads by example and who already has what you want.

To succeed in any business (after first having your plans and objectives in place) your strategy must be to model success by employing best-practices others have already left for us to emulate. It has been substantiated that success is a journey, but I know that the journey can be much shorter if you learn from the mistakes of others by applying their knowledge and insight.

Instead of asking “why are some people more successful,”  learn from their habits, trials, guidelines, ethics and shorten your path.

I personally believe that a winning attitude is already a success story. I also believe that success is a learned behavior. Just listen to the those who list their inspirations and mentors when questioned about the reasons for their success. So yes, success can be scrutinized, documented and leveraged. In every creative work, album, book, design etc. someone is usually listed as an inspiration for its success.


This is the reason why so many have succeeded in every sector. They followed someone who followed someone else and built upon their examples of success, by following the principles and methods that work. Define what success means to you and go for it. Who are you modeling, what are you learning and who is following you?

Thanks for listening to me (in your own voice) 🙂 and please share your comments below.

God bless you and yours! To your success.

Here’s that link about Arnold Swartzenneger I mentioned earlier.

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4 Replies to “Changing Your Mindset for Success”

  1. There are many excellent points here Dave. You’re right Arnold what’s his name has done the work so even if he isn’t ripped now (I don’t know if he is or not) his reputation precedes him so the person wanting to be successful should listen and learn from him. I also agree there’s no success without sacrifice, either someone sacrificed so that you might succeed or someone will succeed because of you being the forerunner. Learning from other’s knowledge and mistakes both are beneficial. Thank you for sharing

    1. Hi Sheryl!
      Thank you for taking the time to read and for sharing. We can learn so much from others but most times we are too busy trying to learn on our own. I believe if we truly set our minds to learn we could accomplish so much more in much less time.

      Bountiful success to you and yours.

  2. Hey, I really enjoyed this article, it is very informative. I need to try to stay positive and I want to succeed so badly so I try to make sure I never give up. But I become afraid of failure when I don’t see the results I would like. It seems like I am growing really slowly but I keep at it so I can succeed. I know we can keep learning things and that will never change!

    1. Hi Justin. 

      Thanks so much for your thoughts and for taking the time to read. 

      You can do it. Make sure you have a practical personal vision written out. Set some goals that point you toward your vision. I like your attitude re. not giving up. You are growing and that’s important. Don’t overwhelm yourself with how fast that happens at this point.

      Continue to believe in yourself and surround yourself with positive people who can help (a support person if possible). Don’t be afraid to share with them. Others looking on from the outside usually have a clearer picture of what we are doing wrong (and right) and this can be a turning point for you in the right direction.

      I wish you bountiful success but more importantly, first define what success is to you.  


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