Am I Flirting with Him or Her? Flirting Signs

(Last Updated On: August 27, 2018)

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Many people flirt without even knowing that they do. Are you one of them? Knowing the answer is important because you may be and you don’t want people to think of you as a flirt. Some of us don’t even understand fully what flirting is and how it affects others. Some are appalled at the idea that you are flirting and some are embracing. It all depends on the situation and whether it’s appropriate at the time and with the right person.


Are you married? If you are, then you are out of line by most standards. So, ask yourself this question and be honest with your answer… Am I flirting with him or her? Am I a flirt? Better yet, ask your friends to tell you whether you are. You may be in for a surprise. If the answer is yes, there are some things you can do to stop by recognizing what the flirting signs are. I will be discussing these shortly but first let’s look at a few things.


Flirting is a sticky topic. Especially when discussed among couples who have since tied the proverbial knot. The irony is, that this little emotional device was/is a part of us and was most probably used in the initial meeting up of each other. After a healthy relationship is established, it is somewhat mutually subconsciously agreed that this should be turned off — towards others.


Here is why this should probably happen. According to its definition, even though flirting can be a social chit-chat, it can also be sexual behavior. Understanding the difference between the two is crucial.

Couple dining - Am I flirting with him or her?

Flirting can be a means of simple fun between people who genuinely like each other, or enjoy each other’s playful banter. They have no intention at all in becoming intimate. On the other hand. Flirting can also be a mask for some deeper sexual intention that would otherwise be improper to pursue, according to social etiquette. In the latter case, flirting is used as a hook and bait while hoping for a catch.

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This raises a complexity of human behavior… who is to say that each party involved is “innocently” flirting?  One may be innocent and the other interested in that deeper relationship and may want the flirting to continue. Both may be innocent or both may be pursuing something deeper. What is the solution here then? I believe the answer lies inside the parties involved.

10 Signs of Inappropriate Flirting — Flirting Signs

  1. That’s all you ever do — it’s the conversational template and fed by both parties involved

  2. Sexual arousal is evident during the conversation

  3. Blushing

  4. Both parties focus in on each other in spite of others around them

  5. Unusual or unnecessary touching

  6. Prolonged smiling and excitement

  7. You find yourself paying compliments

  8. Awkwardness or pleasant nervousness when alone

  9. On your best behavior but a little extravagant

  10. You are offended if someone else joins the conversation

I am sure there are more signs but permit me to stop here for now.

The bottom line

couple in love - Am I flirting with him or her? Flirting signs

It happens naturally as part of the initial and courting periods (also in healthy marriages). It is nothing to be ashamed of. It is a natural quality of us human beings when we are attracted to each other.

Flirting — When It Is Improper

  1. If flirting is happening outside of your present relationship or marriage, that’s a no-no. It’s emotional adultery. If you play with fire you are almost certain to get burned.
  2. You are not interested in the person, but you know that the person is interested in you. Don’t play with people’s feelings.

Am I flirting with him or her? Teasing and flirting have a goal in mind that will want the benefit of satisfaction at some point. If and when the opportunity arises, it will seek to be fulfilled. Click To Tweet

If you are unmarried, available and you flirt when you see a potential relationship prospect, then, by all means, go ahead. However, if you are already in a relationship or married, then engage in politically correct and respectable conversation.

See the person as an extended sister or brother and enjoy their company. That’s it!  We human beings have more power and control than we give ourselves credit for.  You can do it.

Let’s ask ourselves this question. Am I flirting inappropriately? If the answer is yes, then seek to preserve your present relationship and your future by adjusting your position accordingly. 

Now, by all means, go ahead and flirt away with your significant other.


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4 Replies to “Am I Flirting with Him or Her? Flirting Signs”

  1. Wow! Excellent article! Sometimes I think people believe that flirting is so innocent when it is very inappropriate. Taking a vow of marriage is just that…a vow. Putting your relationship at risk is not worth it and is so disrespectful to everyone involved. People should think twice about committing to one person if they can not behave themselves! Thank you for such good insight.

    1. Very well said Diane.

      Thank you for adding that information.
      Yes. It is “disrespectful to everyone involved,” including the children, if there are any.

  2. Your article is very interesting. It certainly makes me think about flirting. Signs of inappropriate flirting were very interesting. The distinction between appropriate and inappropriate flirting is something I had not thought of. Emotional Adultery is certainly a true issue and I am glad to see it in print. The images in your sight are nice and appealing to the eye.

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