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(Last Updated On: October 14, 2018)

Do you know that in you there is a wealth of helpful knowledge and a story waiting to be told?  In your mind, there is a stream flowing with thoughts of the past, present and future.  In the midst of those thoughts are some life-experiences, ideas, knowledge and skills.  You have had some victories, gone through some trials and you have survived; why not share those experiences and help someone.

You don’t have to write a book but you can write short encouraging articles and share on a blog (such as this site) or a local newspaper. You can also write an ebook on Amazon or maybe, you just prefer to help others while you remain in the background… A friend can write on your behalf. Whether you do it yourself, you can speak life – write and inspire someone.

writer-write and inspire, speak life

Ever since I started writing, I have felt myself become more alive and passionate about life. Writing awards you the sensation of freedom and abandonment.  A release of a rapid flow of thoughts springing forth from rivers of knowledge and inspiration.  This therapeutic pastime is how we show ourselves to be unique, for no one can express life’s experiences from our viewpoint, as we can.

As we type, our words are digitized and packets of ourselves are released into cyberspace; going on to inspire those who can relate to our experiences.  With that understanding, it is significant that we write to inspire knowing that we can change the world to some degree, with our words.  Our words can matter to 4 billion people, who browse the internet (click here to see live stats of internet users).

internet users live stats

There are many waiting to be inspired and nudged into purpose.  We all can do with a little encouragement and motivation from time to time.  This can help to press on throughout trials while on our way to success.

Writing From a Well of Creativity

We can all tap into the creativity we have within us and inspire our world. Creativity is embedded in our nature.  When we write from our perspective our emotions, life-experiences and passion combine, to uniquely tell the story we want to convey.

Writing is Inspiring

We all have had to learn from situations in our lives and have gained much wisdom.  We have all acquired a measure of understanding and therefore, have something to share. There are those who can learn from our struggles and our achievements.  As we write from hearts of integrity, passion, and purity, we take those we inspire on a journey to perfection. They get to redeem the time we spent learning. They can learn from our mistakes and our successes and therefore, build on a firmer foundation.

You Can Influence the World

I am unique and so are you.  No one can do “you” better than you can.  You have something to share.  Write something inspirational, who knows… you may be the next writer to inspire a generation with a simple post.  Use Facebook, Twitter or a blog.  Keep your words positive. Positive words are like a healing balm to the mind and body.  Speak life!  Change the world.

Do it now!

Please see these tips on writing effectively, here.

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David Eversley

David is a musician and IT professional with a passion for writing. When he is not doing any of the above, he can be found watching funny videos and eating chocolates. Laughter (and chocolates) is the best medicine!

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  1. Wow your website is quite inspiring! Just want to say that with people like you we can make the world better one being at a time. Thanks for the uplifting words of wisdom.

  2. Great website David. Loads of very useful information and very easy to navigate. I have registered for your updates so that I won’t miss your future articles which I look forward to read as well.

    Keep on the good job.

    I wish you an awesome ‘wealth building’ day!
    John ツ