What Is My Purpose in Life – What Was I Born to Do?

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(Last Updated On: August 18, 2019)

I am sure that you have asked yourself these questions several times. Well, what was your answer? Are you now doing what you believe you were born to do? If you are, great! However, some of us allowed life to happen and ignored the blueprint that was present in us all along… Or maybe Dad and Mom wanted us to be someone else because it assured us a more reliable future – so we stifled our passion and talents to please.

Maybe, the storms of life tossed you around in waves of uncertainty, and like a drifter washing ashore after a shipwreck, you found yourself in someone else’s “backyard.”  You’re living someone’s life and doing a job you never thought you would do.

I know several people who are successful, yet they don’t believe they’re doing what they were meant to. No matter what, let’s understand this; living a purpose-filled life is still possible wherever you may find yourself right now. 

Your natural talents and gifts may not always be displayed in your current circumstances but more importantly, your “spiritual” talents, particularly your belief-system, attitude, values, and integrity are always with you. Let’s read on to see how we can address this very common scenario.

Answering the Call to Purpose

Ever since childhood, there were some things our parents (and others close to us) would have noticed as we were growing up. In my case, my musical tendencies were quite evident from an early age. According to my Dad, I was a master DJ at just two years old, knowing how to operate the radiogram (yes, I am not a young man anymore). It wasn’t long before I discovered my passion for instruments and so, my musical journey began.

At school, lunchtime would find a few other “enthusiasts” and me darting toward the music room, rather than going to eat lunch. My knack for computers came a bit later just after leaving secondary school. Lastly, my love affair with writing began as a songwriter in my early adult years.

Who I am now – a combination of all, is clearly the result of my passions evident way back then. Let’s suppose I had disregarded that and forced myself to do something else – there is the possibility that I could have been wealthier today but I am sure, not happier. Walking “in purpose” or being obedient to my “calling” was to agree with God’s design for my life. I don’t have any regrets concerning my gifts and abilities.

It doesn’t mean that we will enjoy every job we have – it doesn’t matter. Our purpose is bigger than any job we have. An occupation is just the stage for us to act out our purpose.

Your purpose is the message you carry and is wrapped up in everything that concerns you. Setting goals for your life should be based on your purpose. This will make life a lot easier.

Man about to race - What is my purpose in life? What was I born to do?

How Do You Reach Your Goals?

  1. Knowing your purpose in life is the best way to go about setting and reaching goals because they will easily line up with what already motivates you
  2. Follow people who have succeeded in your area of expertise and copy them. Your strategies may differ slightly but you will not be far off
  3. Do not allow societal standards or anyone to determine what you were born to do

You may have found yourself all caught up in the rat race of working in a demanding, competitive job that pays well but leaves no time for anything else. You may want to practice your instrument, sew, bake or have a side hustle that fulfills your passion. At the end of the day, you are stressed and unfulfilled. If this proves one thing, is that money doesn’t determine satisfaction. You long for that childhood passion to be fulfilled but your current situation doesn’t allow for you to pursue your passion. What do you do?

Once you know what your ultimate goals are, you

  • write them down
  • discuss them with someone who you can count on to encourage you
  • make a structured plan to achieve them despite any current challenges
  • work and revise the plan regularly
  • put your money where your goals are
  • Live your dream

I know it is not as straightforward as that, but it can be. One of the biggest challenges in life for most is setting goals and sticking to the plan. In most cases, it’s the difference between success and failure. Jim Rohn once talked about people who didn’t want to do the easy things he did to succeed… six years later, they were still complaining about the economy and blaming others for their problems, while he had become a millionaire doing the things they didn’t want to do. Remember, the things that are easy to do are also not easy to do – (Jim Rohn )This is may seem like a contradiction, but point well taken. The main lesson here is having the correct attitude and mindset to succeed.

My Abilities, Thoughts, Actions & Decisions Make Me Who I Am

Let’s be clear on this. You are unique. And there is no one else on earth (or that has ever lived) that is exactly like you! Be conscious of the unique value in you. Think about this for a moment and let it steep like a good cup of tea. So change your mindset or “change your thoughts, change your life!”Dr. Wayne W. Dyer.

Some of us are called to do things that may appear nobler than others but it doesn’t matter. You may be surprised how many who are doing “nobler” things, wished they could do what they really wanted, or in some cases, do what you do. I know someone who left a great position in management, to pursue making furniture and novelties out of wood. It is the very reason many pursue their passions when they retire. We are not to look at others, we just need to be who we are and build on our talents and abilities. In so doing, we can better serve those impacted by our lives and fulfill our purpose. Our gifts are not only for ourselves, but they are to be used for others.

Our Talents Are Not to Be Buried, They Are to Be Used

It also doesn’t matter how many talents/gifts or abilities you may have. Many of us are familiar with the parable of the Talents in the Bible in Matthew 25:14-30. In a nutshell, the servant who received 1 talent misjudged his “master,” calling him hard/unfair. He wasn’t productive and didn’t multiply what he was given like the other two recipients did. As a result, he was labeled as wicked and lazy by his master. Now, this story can get much deeper, but I just want to highlight some characteristics we must possess in order to live a purpose-filled life. We are to

  • be productive with our talents and abilities

  • be contented and use whatever we have been given, despite how we may perceive it

Once we focus on multiplying whatever talents and abilities we have, we will automatically be productive, and successful in fulfilling our purpose. We also get to empower others while we are busy producing.

Life Is Easy for Those Who Take the Time to Master Themselves

As I have said in a previous post A Purpose-filled life, we cannot manage time, so we must manage or master ourselves. We have to do this in the midst of whatever variable life throws full force at us. We must persevere in order to succeed.


I don’t get how some of us live as though we are to be constantly searching for our purpose. Some may refer to it as “finding myself,” but by simply paying attention to how we affect/influence others with our talents, abilities and being faithful in our current activities, we can find ourselves right away. Here are a few things to consider.

  1. Purpose is why we were born and the reason we live. It is utilizing our potential, i.e. our maturity, integrity, talents, and abilities to fulfill the quickest path to our success.
  2. Destiny is agreeing with that understanding of our purpose and the living out of that “predetermined” path 
  3. Success is the process of effectively managing all the activities and roles in our lives, by setting and accomplishing goals. This is demonstrated by our ability to;
    1.  learn, change and grow 
    2.  influence others 
    3. accomplish the above in a timely manner 
    4. repeat


Discover Passion and Purpose

You can turn your passion and the things which irritate you, into purpose. Create a solution – be a problem solver. That’s probably why you are passionate or irritated by certain things. 

number one

Challenge: You are working in a job you don’t like too much

Solution: While understanding that you are still operating in purpose, devise a plan to make money passively from a side hustle featuring your passion. Use methods such as affiliate marketing, writing a book, teaching a skill/course online. People make tens of thousands (and millions) per year doing these things.

Objective: When you consistently begin to make money equal to (or more than) what your current job provides, pursue it full time. You will do even better since you now have more time to dedicate to your business and possibly impact more people.

Remarks: Make money from using your talents and abilities. For me as a musician, I play for weddings and functions. This is easy because I am doing something that I love and am good at, to make extra money. Yes! Talents and abilities make things easier because they are your specialties!

Number two

Challenge: You get very upset by people who make excessive noise, or use dangerous chemicals around their houses in the neighborhood

Solution: Devise a plan to start a neighborhood group (you don’t have to lead it) and meet in the community center for occasional seminars on various topics. Don’t start with that topic though or the group will disband in a hurry

Objectives: Through the bond of community fellowship and the imparting of seminars on various topics, such as, you know what, through education, you will overcome these challenges in time.

Remarks: You may discover that part of your life’s purpose is to be an organizer or problem solver. You may even be an inventor and provide a solution to your annoyances. Turn your passion whether negative or positive, into purpose.

charity-What is my purpose in life? What was I born to do?

Remember, your purpose happens no matter where you are or what job you do. It’s a duty and a calling. However, your acquired skills can land you in several occupational roles in your lifetime.

Volunteer in the community or serve others through a charity. You will find that most of the emphasis and value of why we were born, exists in serving others. Love your neighbor as yourself!

Do it now!

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4 Replies to “What Is My Purpose in Life – What Was I Born to Do?”

  1. Good afternoon,
    It would be great if parents can read this article through the eyes of their children. Far too many parents want to choose career paths for their children instead of advising and allowing their offspring to choose for themselves.

    I believe most parents dream that their children be more financially secure than they are, have ‘better’ jobs than they do and be better off in life than they are but many of them force their dreams on their children, instead of allowing them to dream for themselves.

    I have heard of a father who wanted his daughter to become a lawyer, although she begged him that was not her passion. However, dad refused to recant. Being the respectful daughter that she was, she acquiesced. When she had completed her studies, she took the papers to her father and told him, “Dad, these are yours. I am now going to study what I was called to do.” She went into the field of drama and enjoyed that for years.

    Parents must understand they have a purpose in life and their kids have one too, which in most cases, is completely different to theirs. They must give guidance but never decide what they must do in this life.

    1. It’s all about following one’s calling, Sharon. Unfortunately, some parents can be quite traditional concerning “suitable” & “respectable” vocations. From my experience in raising my children, it’s always best to let the child decide what they want to pursue. However, this can be discussed and guided by the parent. Timing is also important and sometimes the child may have to do a number of things before launching out into their ultimate career.
      This can be learning how to follow others in leadership, developing business insight and a host of other skills, in preparation for their dreams.

      Thank you.


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