Better Human Beings was created out of a personal desire of its founder David to become a better human being. Upon doing some self-analysis, he discovered that he was not functioning at the level of his best self and decided to do something about it.  With the help of God, life-experiences and his own conscience, he set out on a path of applying the principles that would govern himself moving forward. Principles that would enhance his personal value system.


Why we are here

Being better is something that we should all be striving for on a daily basis.  A lot of solutions to life’s challenges can be implemented if only we took responsibility for our actions and personal development. There are some things that can be changed now, while others may take a little longer.  However, with this good intention in mind, we set the process in motion to become better.

Sit and discuss whether there is any room for personal improvement, with family, friends, and anyone who knows you well. What they say will hurt but that’s when the healing process begins.  With some humility, determination, and setting of clear goals, we can now seek to improve ourselves.

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Our intentions

Our mission is to share genuine experiences with you through our posts. Having done that, we hope that you will find it inspirational enough to become a reformed you.  This way, everyone who is a part of your world, begins to benefit from your transformation. This we foresee will cause a chain reaction everywhere you go, resulting in a community of better human beings.

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