Biggest Pet Peeves List – a Look at Some Habits That Are Not so Human

(Last Updated On: August 24, 2018)

thumbs downNot one of us is perfect but there are some things that are just a no-no.  We should try to stop doing these things ASAP.  These are habits that can certainly affect your relationships negatively.  These simple annoyances can cause those of us who suffer from pet peeve syndrome, to go bonkers.  Help us, please!


# 1 Nose Picking

… And in public?  Get a life, please!  No need to say any more on this.

nose picking - biggest pet peeves




# 2 People playing with their toes

especially at informal gatherings when persons turn up in flip flops and begin to amuse themselves with some serious toe-play or foot massage.  That’s ok if that’s your thing but only if you are in your own home.  Eventually, some unassuming soul announces that food is served. The rest is history… However, for the curious, I will paint a more vivid picture of what happens next.finger food

It’s fascinating that after all we were taught by our parents and teachers, we forget our most basic, intrinsic training, namely, washing our hands.  The pain that follows for me is unbearable.   I proceed to give my wife the kung fu eye look, which she quickly reciprocates (but her fight is with me).  I ponder…is she more upset with me than with this unhygienic person?  Well not really.  She is a sweet lady who deals with things a little differently than I do.  One might say, she is a bit more mature than I am.  Meanwhile, our friends and their dirty hands, are busy touching utensils and drink containers I have to touch…hmmm.

# 3 Double Dipping

I was recently in the distinguished presence of someone who thought they were so special, that they could double dippingget away with that unholy thing, double dipping (please click on the link to see an example of double dipping).  Not even once but twice… Now there is absolutely no excuse for this,  distinguished or not. Don’t be a double dipper or you may get double slammed.

# 4 Sneezing

Let’s ponder a while on those who think that they have the authority to sneeze without utilizing proper protocol around people and food. Hmmm enough said… No, I will continue.


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While in school in the 1980s, I was shown a video of a sneeze in slow motion. It was disgusting but life-changing.  It gave me the insight to be aware of its dangers.  A video can be seen right here. See for yourselves.  More disgusting ones are here.

We can go on forever and I’m sure you have your own experiences.  If you want to help us be better human beings, please leave a comment here.  We are not perfect and we must love each other but sheesh.

# 5 Spectacle Snacking

SpectaclesLastly, you are in a discussion with someone who wears spectacles.  They proceed to remove them and place the frame tips in their mouths.  These frame tips had been resting comfortably on their greasy ears all day… All this is occurring while they are still talking and making eye contact.  Need I say more?

To be continued… You know some of these human beings.  They are all around and may even be wearing your clothes right now.  Others are living in plain sight awaiting exposure.  We will be back for part 2. 🙂

We want to hear what you think, in the comments below.

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2 Replies to “Biggest Pet Peeves List – a Look at Some Habits That Are Not so Human”

  1. Love your article! you could add finger licking at the dinner table and eat and drink (loud) in movie theatres, the latter a reason I don’t go there anymore.

    1. Thanks Robert,

      I agree. That’s a great one.
      Am sure not all will agree though :).

      I’ll be sure to include that in the next post. Sign up to get it first…Stay tuned!

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